Baobab Organic Certifications:
Quality, Safety, Traceability & Social Responsibility

At BFCS, we operate around four key tenets: quality, safety, traceability, and social responsibility. We are rooted in our commitment to providing top-quality baobab powders, oils, and extracts available on the market due to fifteen years of expertise and experience in safety, traceability, and quality.

Our company operates in Senegal under strict international procedures. Our dedication to international food processing guarantees that our products are accounted for throughout the entire process – from the harvesting to the final packaging. Our rigorous standards ensure that our products are the safest and of the highest quality.

We are certified NOP, COR, Kosher, Organic 834,, and HACCP by the most rigorous auditors in the world.

Our Organic and Kosher Certifications

Council Regulation

Worldwide Kosher

Canada Organic

United States Department
of Agriculture

True Friends of Natural
and Organic Cosmetics

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