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Our minimum loan amount is N50,000 and a Maximum amount of N50,000,000. Both depend on the borrower’s repayment capacity assessed based on verifiable business inventory and other criteria.

What we offer are business loans for businesses that are already in existence/operation, and housing/house improvement loans.

In order to access our loan facility, certain criteria must be met. Firstly, you must possess a business. Additionally, the location of your business must be within our bank’s lending area, which encompasses the following states: Anambra, Lagos, Oyo, Kwara, Kaduna, Kogi, Rivers, Plateau, Abia, Niger, Ogun, and Abuja. Furthermore, your business must have been in operation for a specified period of time.

It doesn’t take longer than it ought to as long as the necessary requirements are adequately met (less than 3 working days).

Our interest rate differs depending on the loan amount. However, it is very competitive.

No fee or mandatory account opening is required before you can get a loan from us.