Baobab fast

BAOBAB FAST is an instant transfer solution that enables customers to transfer funds

from their Baobab account to other Bank accounts by visiting any Baobab Bank branch.

Transaction Limit: The limit per transaction is 10,000,000 naira

Customer journey: Visit any Baobab branch, Request for transfer form and fill details,

Fund is transferred immediately to any bank of your choice

Baobab Debit Card

Baobab debit card:
in-store and bill payment

With a the debit card, I can do

Secured, Converted, Available all over Nigeria, Reduce the risk of carrying cash around.


PayDirect Deposit money into a Baobab account from any bank.

To make your deposits on my Baobab account without stress

Secured, Fast, Convenient, No activation needs, Available all over Nigeria

Baobab Mobile Codes (USSD):
Pay bills & make precise transactions

Pay bills_Baobab
Activate your Mobile code at your branch!

Balance Enquiry : *723*348*0#
Airtime Recharge for others : *723*348*phone number*amount#
Airtime Recharge for self : *723*348*amount#
Funds Transfer : *723*348*account number*amount#
Bill Payment self e.g DSTV : *723*348*biller code*amount#
Bill Payment 3rd party e.g DSTV : *723*348*biller code*customer id*amount#
(DSTV) Sample Biller code is 10406
Gotv code is 459119


No internet connection required, Secured, Online real-time, Available all over Nigeria

Keep track of your account remotely
with My Baobab