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Our impact

Creating impact is not just a by-product of
our business as leaders in the finance
industry, it sits at the heart of everything we do.


Impact is at the heart of our mission

Our focus

Baobab provides support to thousands of small businesses in seven countries in Africa & in one province in China. Thanks to our wide range of financial products & payment applications, we help them grow their businesses & make their daily lives easier.

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At Baobab, we take a tailored approach to client relationships. Every day, our people work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their needs and offer them targeted support. We believe in creating equal opportunities for all entrepreneurs: we make every effort to strengthen our clients’ ability to overcome challenges and grow their business even in times of economic hardship.

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A critical player

Committed to supporting its customers beyond financial services, the Group founded Baobab+ in 2018 to offer non-financial solutions. Today, Baobab+ brings access to light and digital technologies—two drivers of economic development—within reach of rural populations.
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