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Energy and digital

We are helping to change millions of lives by accelerating the solar and digital revolution in Africa.

Why we’re different

Clients who were previously not eligible for microfinance institutions, can now become eligible for financial products thanks to their Pay-as-you-go credit history.

Baobab Energy Solutions

We select quality products to meet the needs of our customers. These products are available through the Baobab network of branches with financing facilities and/or a dedicated credit called ``Baobab Energy Solutions`` for productive use products (solar freezers, hybrid generators...).

A ``Pay-As-You-Go`` offer is also available for the acquisition of solar kits & TV and smartphones for underserved customers who are not connected to the electric grid.

Digital transformation

As a leader in digital financial inclusion, Baobab is aware of the impact of digitalization on the daily lives of our prospects among the communities we serve. Enabling access to financing for quality digital products is necessary for our customers, who can also apply for credit directly through the Baobab app from their homes!

The journey so far

Homes equipped


Improvement in study time


Clients feel safer




Increase in income


Tons of CO₂ saved


households with digital products