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22 May 2023

HERITIANA Mirella Alexandrie

Portfolio Manager


HERITIANA Mirella Alexandrie,,,Portfolio Manager,,,Madagascar

What are the main tasks of your job?

To act as a transaction facilitator and opportunity creator for all types and kinds of entrepreneurs so that they can unleash their potential.

What is your proudest achievement at Baobab?

I think it was during the first internal competition that I did to become an SME Portfolio Manager but also my current promotion to the position of Portfolio Manager Supervisor which is still awaiting official proclamation, but which I am really proud of and can testify to.

Why would you recommend Baobab?

I would recommend Baobab because, not only is it an institution with the best working environment for me, but it is also a family. You feel at home and you always have that spirit of belonging that always pushes you and motivates you to go beyond your limits in your work.

What do you think it takes to succeed and grow at Baobab?

There are many, I would even say countless, but the most important thing is your perseverance, your loyalty, your integrity, your will and finally the respect you give to your work. It is often said that “he who does not tire, comes to the end of everything” but also that “only he who perseveres until the end, gets the prize”. In my opinion, you have to be fair to yourself and to your work.