Baobab customer ?

22 May 2023


Branch Manager

Wuse Agency (Nigeria)

DORCAS OPOOLA,,,Branch Manager,,,Wuse Agency (Nigeria)

What are your main tasks?

I am responsible for managing the staff of the branch. I also have to ensure that internal processes are followed by my staff, and finally, I have to monitor and develop the credit and savings portfolio.

What is your proudest achievement at Baobab?

I started as a trainee portfolio manager and Baobab allowed me to develop. Now I run a branch

Why would you recommend Baobab?

I would recommend Baobab because the well-being of the employees is very important. The turnover rate is low and the teams grow.

What do you think you need to succeed and grow at Baobab?

At Baobab, it is important to have an excellent team spirit and also to show great determination.