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24 January 2019

Ruben DIEUDONNÉ – Regional Director

Ruben DIEUDONNÉ – Regional Director

Baobab Group is pleased to announce the nomination of Ruben Dieudonné as Regional Director. He will be in charge of supervising activities and development of the Baobab subsidiaries in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and DRC.


In his more than 10 years with the group, Ruben has contributed to the development and strengthening of these 6 subsidiaries in various senior management roles, including CEO of Baobab Ivory Coast since 2018. He will remain in this role simultaneously with his regional role.


“I am proud to contribute to the development of these six African subsidiaries, to allow them reaching a high level of excellence. There are many synergies within these 6 countries that will contribute to a sound and collaborative growth”.