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24 September 2022

Reforestation of the reserved forest of Mbao

Reforestation of the reserved forest of Mbao

More than 1000 plants reforested in the reserved forest of Mbao!

This is one example of the great work we can do at Baobab, both on the environmental and human levels.

50 employees of the group in Senegal have contributed to the reforestation of 1,000 plants in the Mbao forest, thus protecting this critical ecosystem. This action was made possible thanks to the support of our partner Lead Senegal.

This reforestation action meets two of the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives:

Goal No 13 > Promote the capture of CO2 to fight against global warming.

Goal No 15 > Ensure the preservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

We are very proud of our teams, who thus demonstrate the Baobab Group’s commitment to the protection of biodiversity!

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