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4 February 2022

Baobab Group is partnering with Women In Africa !

Baobab Group is partnering with Women In Africa !

Women are strongly involved in entrepreneurship in Africa. They show resilience, creativity and determination in a challenging economic context, especially with the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. They are having a strong impact on their communities and are playing an important role in the economic empowerment of vulnerable groups.

We strongly believe that financial inclusion is a vector for economic growth and we aim to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who are poorly served by banks, including women, who are key players in entrepreneurship in Africa.

Within this same perspective of empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa, WIA, an impact company supporting African women entrepreneurs and leaders, is dedicated to economic development and supporting African women in entrepreneurship, in particular through its WIA54 programme.


What is the WIA54 programme? 

In 2022, Women In Africa launched the WIA54 mentoring programme to enable women entrepreneurs to be coached by high-level mentors in pitching so that they are prepared to access funding and be selected for WIA roadshows.

Women In Africa’s WIA54 programme is a journey of empowerment for African women, with the ultimate goal of supporting 10,000 African women entrepreneurs by 2030 through training, mentoring, communication and access to finance.

The programme consists of several phases: call for applications, announcement of finalists, training, mentoring, business plan submission and finally the pitch competition phase.

The mentoring is the penultimate phase of the WIA54 programme and lasts 6 months. In the end, it will allow the mentees, women entrepreneurs from 54 African countries who are selected on the basis of well-defined criteria, to be supported by high-level mentors ready to assist them in combining all the learnings from the training into one coherent document: the business plan. This business plan will allow them, if selected, to enter the final phase of the programme, the PITCH competition.


How is the Baobab Group involved in the WIA54 programme?

Nine(09) mentors, who are men and women holding strategic positions within Baobab, support, accompany, guide and advise the mentees. They share their expertise and experience with the mentees and provide them with effective tools to successfully complete their business plan, defend their company in front of the PITCH jury and successfully complete their projects. The Baobab mentors will support their mentees and give them the best chances to reach the PITCH competition round.


For more information, please see the Press Release.