Baobab customer ?

23 August 2023


Fabric shop owner


Baobab customer since 2015

Siki has been in the fabrics business in Dakar for more than ten years and he has been a Baobab Senegal customer for eight. With a view to growing his business, and being in need of funds, he decided to apply for a first loan in 2015, but without much hope. In just a few days, his application was granted and he received his very first loan. “My first loan with Baobab was for FCFA 300,000 (or €457), even though I only had a small stall.” Today, his business has developed and Siki is now eligible for loans of more than FCFA 40,000,000 (approximately €61,000). “I have grown with Baobab over the years. They have provided the support I needed to really build my business.”


Since then, Siki has moved on in leaps and bounds, and has even bought the building where he first started selling his wares outside. In just a few months, he had renovated the building and put it up for rent, giving him a new source of income. He also has a plot of land where he has built his own shop, and he has hired staff. His life has completely changed in just a few years. “Today, I’m married and I have built my house, bought a car and travelled quite a lot. When I first contacted Baobab, I didn’t even have a passport”, he says with a smile.


Siki is very pleased with this partnership and is grateful to Baobab for processing his requests quickly, and for its available and responsive teams. “Baobab is and will remain my only financial partner! It has a real impact and can bring very positive change to the lives of African business people.