Baobab customer ?

18 April 2023


Clothing Store Manager


Michel started out selling clothes door-to-door. Thanks to the sales he made, he was able to save money to rent a small store and start his business. He soon realised that his stock of goods was insufficient to meet demand from his customers. It was then that his brother, already a Baobab customer, advised him to contact Baobab.

Every day, he takes a lot of orders from customers in his store and online. To procure his textile products, Michel orders from local suppliers when he can, otherwise he travels directly abroad. Regularly renewing his goods allows him to build customer loyalty. Today, his store has developed greatly and he is very proud of it.

“Baobab supported me when I needed it most! Thanks to my first loan, I was able to increase my orders considerably. And the money was available within a fortnight.”

Ambitious and determined, Michel hopes to develop his business online. He is working on the design of a website and a mobile app that will allow him to grow his sales long term. It was the Covid crisis that made him realise the importance of online trade because he has seen his turnover drop 50% over the period. It’s a hard blow but nothing stops him. As dedicated as ever to his job, Michel has set himself the goal of travelling to Dubai very soon to stock up on goods and open a new store in Abidjan.