Baobab customer ?

23 August 2023

Massanvi & Gisèle

Restaurant owners

Massanvi & Gisèle

Baobab customers since 2011 and 2018


Gisèle, 57, and Massanvi, 53, are two sisters who work in the catering sector in Abidjan. After losing their jobs as salaried employees, they both decided to go into the fast food business. They inherited their love of cooking from their mother, who was very gifted in the kitchen.

The two sisters serve local dishes that are very popular with passers-by. Gisèle is known for her sweet potatoes and grilled chicken and fish. And Massanvi prepares side dishes such as ablo (steamed corn and rice cake) and akassa balls (dough made from steamed, ground corn), which are big favourites among the local population.

Massanvi has been a Baobab customer for over ten years. She first opened a savings account to deposit her savings and then, a few years later, she decided to apply for financing to grow her business. She quickly obtained her first loan of FCFA 350,000 (€535).

Pleased with her relationship with Baobab, she recommended the institution to her sister, who was already a customer elsewhere. So, in turn, Gisèle took the plunge in 2018 and received her first loan for FCFA 200,000 (€305). Today, the two sisters are very satisfied and confident about the future. Gisèle says: “My account manager is very attentive to my needs and the branch team really looks after me. I feel very comfortable with Baobab”.