Baobab customer ?

18 April 2023


Printing Company Owner


Elieja owns one of the largest silk-screen printing companies in Kaduna, Nigeria. His customers include large local and international companies, NGOs and private individuals.

When he started out in 2011, Elieja had to cope with several difficulties, especially financial. Buying machines and supplies requires a lot of capital which he did not have at the time.

To meet his needs for working capital, he decided to contact Baobab and secured a first loan of €600. Today, he has access to much higher amounts that can reach over €10,000.

Thanks to these funds, Elieja has been able to confidently develop his business and offer his customers quality printing services. Over the years, the small company has made a name for itself and built up a loyal customer base.

Today, his company employs over 40 people and his business continues to grow across the country. Elieja is proud to be assisted by Baobab. To him,

“the financial services offered by Baobab are a great help.”

Content and totally fulfilled, Elieja congratulates Baobab on its business strategy aimed at supporting African entrepreneurs.