Baobab customer ?

18 April 2023


CEO of a company specialised in visual communication


At first, Béranger financed his new enterprise with his own money. After a few months, he obtained a loan from a financial institution and was able to develop his business for two years.

In 2019, market demand grew and Béranger wanted to develop his company’s capabilities. So he decided to contact his usual bank to obtain a loan. But unfortunately, it was unable to offer him any further help. Disappointed but just as determined, he contacted Baobab that he heard about from people he knew.

After submitting his loan application he received a positive response and was granted a loan of MGA 166 million (€36,451).

Today, Béranger’s goal is to set up other sites in Antananarivo and develop his activities in the rest of the country. Over the next five years, he plans to open branches on the islands in the Indian Ocean, thanks to the support of Baobab. To Béranger,

“Baobab stands out from other financial institutions due to its tremendous support.”