Baobab customer ?

29 August 2021


Entrepreneur & Director


After working for various organisations, Amadou started saving and was able to launch his own firm, specialising in entrepreneurship and management. He decided to join Baobab in 2013.

“I heard about Baobab through word of mouth. I had a savings account with another institution at the time, but I had several problems with them. That’s when I closed my account and turned to Baobab. I had heard that in addition to financing various entrepreneurial activities, Baobab offered its customers a good quality service. This feedback prompted me to inquire and that’s when I decided to open an account with Baobab.”

The savings account is very useful for managing his daily expenses, securing his money and ensuring his business remains sustainable. Amadou can access his money quickly and easily whenever he wants. Today, his business is doing well, and Amadou is very happy in his job. He is very active with young people in Senegal and takes part in many events to promote the development of entrepreneurship. He supports project developers and encourages them to save as soon as possible, even if they start with small amounts.

On his recommendation, one of his acquaintances opened a savings account with Baobab and eventually obtained a loan that allowed him to open a driving school in Dakar. His business has been doing very well ever since.

For Amadou, Baobab offers great opportunities for young people, and he encourages them to seize them by starting to save gradually. “After a few years, this money will give these young people access to bigger loans to start their own business.” Amadou is an entrepreneur who encourages all young people to develop a savings culture. To him, it’s not important, it’s essential!