Restaurant Owner

Chenggang runs a restaurant serving dishes made with ecological mutton. Eight years ago, he started raising sheep, but the management was not always easy. Due to his lack of experience, sheep plague caused great losses that year. Despite the difficulties, Chenggang did not give up and he decided to seek advice from experienced farmers to start again. After a few years, Chenggang was a lot more experienced and became well known among local farmers.

In Fushun, development prospects for the cattle business are quite impressive. So, in 2015, Chenggang decided to take the plunge and open his first restaurant “Shuntai Ecological Mutton”. There is no spacious frontage and no plush decoration. The restaurant has only four small tables, but customers are attracted by his delicious-tasting dishes.

In 2018, Chenggang wanted to make his cattle business more profitable, so he decided to contact a MicroCred China agent to rapidly obtain a loan.

Today, Chenggang not only sells his ecological meat in his own restaurant, it is also available in several large restaurants in the city. Thanks to Baobab’s support, his business is doing well and Chenggang is already thinking about his future. “We are currently planning to open a second restaurant, and we are already looking for a good location.”

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