We provide the Best Organic Baobab
Since 20 Years

Organic Baobab Powder is loaded with vitamins, fibers, minerals, and anti-oxidants.
Designed to add a healthy boost to your daily diet.
Our Organic Baobab Powder is the best on the Market, since 20 Years

Our Baobab Oil is 100% Organic NOP and pure.
Loaded with Omega 6-9 acids and anti-oxidants,
Organic Baobab Oil is ideal for mixing into cosmetics applications or use it pure.

Organic Raw Materials and Extracts
for Food and Cosmetics Industries

With 16 years of experience, you can be sure that our products are pure and untouched to ensure the highest quality.

We work in Senegal using international standards to ensure that our products are pure and safe.

Our roots go deep: from our supply chain to the finished product, we can trace every step of the way.

Because cultivating a relationship with the land and the people is integral to our company’s ethos.