Baobab Fruit Company Senegal (BFCS):
An Organic Baobab Products Wholesale Company

Founded in 1999, the Baobab Fruit Company Senegal is the leading global producer of organic wholesale baobab; transforming the fruit into a range of semi-processed materials for use in the food, nutraceutical and cosmetic markets. We assure that our products are ethically and sustainably produced; working closely with the West African government to ensure that the benefit is returned full circle to local villages.

BFCS is an international enterprise: Senegal focuses on the harvesting and processing, while BFCS Italy warehouses, markets and distributes baobab fruit to Europe, the United States and over 20 other countries around the world. We focus on four key tenets of our business: quality, safety, traceability and true social responsibility.


When you purchase wholesale organic food from BFCS, know that you are receiving the very highest quality, purest and most trusted wholesale health products – you are getting exactly what you expect.


Our plant works to HACCP, GMP and GHP standards, processing over 1,000 tons of baobab fruits which are sourced from about 3,000 rural scale producers all around Senegal. We represent the soul of true organics.


From harvesting the baobab tree to the finished bulk products, BCFS has full production process and control centralized in West Africa.

Social Responsibility

Baobab Fruit Company Senegal is a true organic food company—our focus is on the social responsibility for the land, the people and their lives. We employ over 200 local individuals in our Senegal processing plant and are also Social Responsibility Certified by IMO.