Discover Our Main Baobab Products

BFCS has over 16 years in experience of processing baobab in our state-of-the-art facility. Our commitment to excellence and quality ensures the superiority of our products. We operate under European standards in Senegal, which means that our processing system is heavily regulated and extremely safe. Baobab superfruit is available in a range of 100% organic, natural, and sustainable products from BFCS, the leading producer of baobab products.

Our organic baobab powder is created in our pristine factories using only the freshest baobabs from eastern Senegal. Once we open the fruit, we separate the pulp and the fibers, and we pound the contents to create a powdered pulp, which we later sieve. Our baobab oil is created from the seeds of the baobab fruit. Once the seeds and washed and dried, a cold press is used to expel the oil. All of our products are filtered to ensure their premium quality.

See our Guarantees page for detailed information about our numerous certifications.