Organic Baobab Fruit Products

The health benefits of baobab are hard to deny – from fighting diabetes to creating an anti-wrinkle cream that really works – baobab fruit is one of those exotic superfoods that health-conscious individuals dream of finding. Fortunately, baobab superfruit are available in a range of 100% organic, natural and sustainable products from BFCS, the leading global producer of baobab products.

Baobab is known as the “Tree of Life”, because it can store thousands of liters of water which can be tapped and provided as clean water to the community in periods of drought. Products are sustainably created by cracking open the fruit, scooping out the pulp-encrusted seeds and fibers, and then pounding the contents to separate the powdered pulp. This pulp is then sieved to ensure that it is of superior quality, then bagged and sealed.

By contrast, baobab oil is made through a process of extracting the seeds from the large capsule-like fruit by cracking the hard outer shell. The seeds are then washed to remove the powder coating and left to air dry in the hot sun. A cold press is utilized to squeeze the oil from the baobab seeds; the oil is then filtered to clarify it before it is bottled.

The Baobab Fruit Company Senegal is USDA Certified Organic, and certified in Canada as organic as well.

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Discover Our Main Baobab Products

Creating baobab superfruit powder is a labor-intensive process, but the dehydrated fruit powder offers a huge health benefit to those who are interested in buying the fruit powder wholesale.

Baobab seed oil is created in our sustainable and certified-organic facility, and it is a cold pressed oil.