Creating baobab superfruit powder is a labor-intensive process, but the dehydrated fruit powder offers a huge health benefit to those who are interested in buying the fruit powder wholesale.

Baobab seed oil is created in our sustainable and certified-organic facility, and it is a cold pressed oil.

Industries Using Our Products

One of the newest uses for baobab is for use in some of the best natural organic cosmetics on the market today.

There are wide ranges of different uses for baobab in food, including consumer applications in everything from juice, smoothies and ice cream to herbal tea.

Baobab makes one of the most natural and vitamin-packed options for organic animal feed.

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The Baobab Fruit Company Senegal is the Leading Producer of Baobab Products in the World.

Baobab Fruit Company Senegal is the leading global producer of organic wholesale baobab; transforming the fruit into a range of semi-processed materials for use in the cosmetic, food and cattle feed markets. We assure that our products are ethically and sustainably produced; working closely with the West African government to ensure that the benefit is returned full circle to local villages.

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Key Facts About the Baobab

Baobab is now being regarded around the world as a superfruit due to its high levels of vitamin C: nearly 10 times that of a standard serving of fresh oranges. Baobab is also packed with free radical-cleaning antioxidants, making it ideal to help support a healthy lifestyle and reduce signs of aging both when applied to the skin and when it is included in your diet.

Baobab contains an unheard-of percentage of the recommended daily allowance of these major minerals in only 100 grams of fresh baobab pulp: 30% Calcium, 80% Copper, 52% Iron, 23% Magnesium, 35% Sodium and 12% Zinc.

The highly-nutritious products made from this amazing fruit include a fruit pulp powder as well as a soluble fiber extract produced from the seeds which can be utilized as a natural thickening agent in a selection of foods from ice creams, smoothies and yogurts to breakfast cereals, cookies and fruit juices. The wide variety of uses for Baobab includes cosmetic applications such as skin and body care products like lotion, shampoo and conditioners.

Learn more about this amazing superfood and the sustainable business practices that the Baobab Fruit Company Senegal uses to produce it!